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MarkovCo Gallery is an art gallery that aims to provide a cultural joyride to its audiences in Portland, OR. When you visit our art exhibit, you will see paintings that transcend time, sculptures and jewelry that showcase the craftsman’s imaginative flair and print work that emerges from the mind and the soul.

Our works showcase representational abstract and contemporary artwork, which focuses on new and interesting media, texture and surface treatments. By providing exceptional works of art to the public, we create a sense of empowerment and love for art. Whether you’re interested in our art sales for your home decor or you’re looking to entertain your artistic eye, at MarkovCo Gallery, you might just find what you were looking for.

We are a Russian family art gallery with absolutely unique art and crafts direct from artists, and prices from $5 gift cards to great original pieces for $10,000. We provide professional service and ship anywhere in the United States. Our mission is to help people discover great unknown Russian artists and crafters, and deliver their great work right to your door.

Our belief "Everybody needs Art" and our gallery is a perfect place to find something special for you. We are a family gallery and our whole family is made up of talented artists. Our ancestors came from the north of Russia and were known as an artistic family from the 19th Century, and we keep our traditions, knowledge and skills present today!

Come check out our pieces in person and be amazed by the talent of some of the most profound artists of our time. Contact our art studio at MarkovCo Gallery in Portland, OR, for more information about our gallery and art classes.

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